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Jasper and Alice are my OTP in the Twilight series (though closely followed by Jacob and Bella) and they deserve more love, hence this fanmix. I'm starting to see a real pattern in my choice of songs (I always use the same singers/bands *sigh*).
The mix was also made to add some media content to my fanlisting dedicated to the two of them. Please comment if you take and you like the mix ^^
There are some very vague Eclipse spoilers, in case you haven't read it, but it's nothing terrible.


01. Not Like the Other Girls - The Rasmus

This is how it all began for Alice, with the fascination a vampire had for her while she was in the asylum. She was a strange girl, a freak hidden away by her family, but he saw her as a treasure to protect. In the end, though, it was his fascination that caused her death.

No more blame I am destined to keep you sane
Gotta rescue the flame
Gotta rescue the flame in your heart

No more blood, I will be there for you my love
I will stand by your side
The world has forsaken my girl

02. Lord, How Long? - Tom McRae

Jasper was tired of his life as a vampire, tired of killing, tired of everything, just wondering when this would stop. There was nothing for him in this world, no hope, no faith, no home, and he was tired to be a permanent stranger.

Stars above me
The earth beneath me
And this sinner’s place in between.

My god
My country
My blood
My enemy
My reason
Desert me now

03. I'm with you - Avril Lavigne

Alice was looking for him. She didn't know who he was, why she was looking, but she knew she had to. She knew that when she found him, it would all make sense.

I'm Standing on a bridge
I'm waitin in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now
Theres nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but theres no sound

04. Ache - James Carrington

She was here, smiling and holding out her hand to him, and in a split second, she became home. Jasper knew he could stop running.

Isn't it strange the way things can change
The life that you lead turned on its head
Suddenly someone means more than you felt before
Her house and its yard turns into home

05. No Crying No More - Bic Runga

He was even more beautiful than she'd ever dreamed, because he was also beautiful inside. She could see right through him, his faults, his doubts, and she knew it was going to be all right.

I met my darling last night
I've never seen him before
He put his warm hand in mine
There'll be no crying,On no more

06. Oh my Love - Jackson Browne

It seemed as if they were being born again, in her smile, in his arms. Everything was new, and everything made sense, compared to the blur their lives had been until now.

Oh my love for the first time in my life,
My mind is wide open,
oh my lover for the first time in my life,
My mind can feel

07. You Get Me - Teitur

It wasn't strange, how they'd found each other. It was natural, like breathing, and they didn't question it.

Like a beautiful song
You heard a million times
Like the rainbow's end
You can never find

It's hard to ignore
And undeniable, too
This feeling inside
When I look at you

08. Beloved One - Ben Harper

It was meant to be. They were meant to be. How could anything so sweet, so precious, so perfect could be anything but meant to be?

You were meant for me, I believe you were sent to me
from a dream straight into to my heart
Hold your body and close to me
You mean the most to me
We will keep each other safe from harm

09. Breathing - Lifehouse

Jasper was where he wanted to be. Alice could take him wherever she wanted, as long as she stayed with him, he was home. With her.

'Cause I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit
Outside Heaven's door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be

10. Kite Song - Rosie Thomas

Alice wanted to find a place where they could be happy, as free as they could possibly be. She'd been looking, both for her and for Jasper, because she knew that no matter where she went, he'd follow.

Oh, tie me up tightly by your side
So I may go with you where ever you reside
And anytime the road looks dimmer
I will be your guiding light
I just want to go away with you

11. Love Song - Duelist

Edward had his lullaby, and Jasper and Alice had their melody, too. A few notes hummed under breath whenever they thought of each other. Their love song.


Date: 2007-11-23 05:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lily-kohai.livejournal.com
"couine et télécharge" *o*o*o*

La pochette est très jolie ^^ J'aime moins les photos de base que celles que tu as utilisées pour faire le premier wall, tu sais, le rouge, mais le rendu est classe, élégant et tout, et j'aime beaucoup la texture du fond ^^ "couine sur Alice et ses yeux"

Et toutes ces chansons collent trop bien *o* Alice/Jasper Powa ♥♥♥

Date: 2007-11-23 06:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] static-star18.livejournal.com
Um, do you think you could upload "Love Song" by itself? I just need that song, because I already have all the others, and I'd hate to have to download them all again...


Date: 2007-11-23 10:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] static-star18.livejournal.com
Thank you so much!

Date: 2007-11-23 11:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dont-trip5143.livejournal.com
Ooh, this mix is quite lovely. Totally snagging it, thanks for making it!

Date: 2007-11-24 05:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] eggie1978.livejournal.com
Great mix! I love Jasper and Alice too! But I was wondering what you thought of Toby Hemingway as Jasper? Ever since I saw 'The Covenant' film, he's been my Jasper. ;)

(deleted comment)

Date: 2007-11-25 02:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whimsicality.livejournal.com
I LOVE Jasper x Alice, and this looks wonderful. =3

Downloading, and thank you so much~! Lovely work.
(deleted comment)

Date: 2007-11-25 06:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oncefuturequeen.livejournal.com
I haven't read this series but I've heard so much about it. I'm going to start reading the books as soon as exams are over. Now I'll have a good soundtrack for it! =) Thanks,

Date: 2007-11-26 08:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] apresmoi.livejournal.com
Ohhmygosh, you made a Jasper/Alice mix! You win foreeever. That pairing definitely deserves much more love than it actually gets, I agree. They're so perfect, and understated, and not as sappy as Bella/Edward, who I love, but come ON.

So pretty much, you win, this fanmix goes on my favorites list, and YAY.


Date: 2007-11-27 07:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fire-tears.livejournal.com
Lovely. ♥ I'm downloading it.

Date: 2007-11-27 08:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_touched/
Aw, you have absolutely no idea how ridiculously happy this fanmix makes me, because this is the best one that I've seen around for Alice/Jasper. All of the songs fit, even if you did use Ache by James Carrington, which I associate with Lex&Lana from Smallville. It still can apply to Alice/Jasper and I love the reason that you gave for using it. I can definitely see the song fitting them, as well. :)

Date: 2007-11-28 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_touched/
You're more than welcome, hun. Ache, was the song that played in the episode Wither, when Lex and Lana first slept together. So, it was absolutely perfect for the two of them. However, I can see that it would fit Alice and Jasper too.

Date: 2007-11-30 07:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] windowwasher88.livejournal.com
snagged the .zip file- thank you!

Date: 2008-05-15 07:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ryukoishida.livejournal.com
Downloaded ^^ Can't wait to hear it (and such pretty coverart!)

Date: 2009-04-09 08:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dvshipper.livejournal.com
This is a great mix!! Thanks for posting it cause I've been looking for a good J/A mix for a while. :)


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