Nov. 17th, 2007

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A few wallpapers done some time ago, and that I finally found the time to post here =D
Enjoy, take and comment if you like and don't claim as your own!

First is a Jasper/Alice wallpaper that I made, shamelessly using my layout for the Jasper/Alice fanlisting (and that was a shameless plug, too XD).

Free Image Hosting at

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Then we have an Edward/Bella/Jacob wallpaper, because I love those three's dynamics when they're together. I used Emily Browning as Bella as there was no talk of Kristen Stewart when I made this.

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And finally the lovely and lovable Jacob Black though I don't like this wall as much as the other two!

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Okay, people. 50 members = much ♥ from me!

This is icons making time! Yay XD

Feel free to comment to this post if you want
2 icons
from me.
I just ask you to give me 2 or more pictures to work with. Two pictures is a minimum, as I'll be making two icons, but if you want to suggest more so that I can choose, that'd be great, too! Good quality pictures is also very welcome ^^
The pictures can be stock, actors, manga, whatever you want. Just make sure to tell me at least the name of fandom, if it's a manga or movie or tv show, so I know what I'm iconing about ;) But extra info is always appreciated, of course.

I will take
20 requests
. I only ask that you're a member of the community if you want to request icons. That's only fair, if you ask me ^^

Ask away! ♥

EDIT: 13 requests remaining. Anyone else interested?


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