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Jasper and Alice are my OTP in the Twilight series (though closely followed by Jacob and Bella) and they deserve more love, hence this fanmix. I'm starting to see a real pattern in my choice of songs (I always use the same singers/bands *sigh*).
The mix was also made to add some media content to my fanlisting dedicated to the two of them. Please comment if you take and you like the mix ^^
There are some very vague Eclipse spoilers, in case you haven't read it, but it's nothing terrible.

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Fear, fear, for under the cut are some fanmixes that I've made this year. They're all about a RolePlaying game loosely based on Harry Potter, but they feature many original characters, too. Even if you don't know the RPG itself, it's still good music, so feel free to snatch and comment if you like ;)

Caer Verse - Phenomenon )

Caer Verse - Four Green Fields (celtic music) )

Caer Verse - Outbreak (villains) )

Salem Verse - Adam Ashcroft (original character) )

And one day? I'll make a fanmix without any Rosie Thomas/Tom McRae/Lifehouse/Teitur songs! One day... XD
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'kay, so following yesterday's post, as people don't seem to mind and are actually interested in me posting fanmixes here, here's my last creation. A post with all my other fanmixes done so far for various RPGs will be up as soon as possible (meaning, whenever my bandwidth lets me, as I have a very limited one).
In the meantime, please enjoy this one :)

A Twilight/New Moon fanmix - Jacob/Bella centric

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