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Jasper and Alice are my OTP in the Twilight series (though closely followed by Jacob and Bella) and they deserve more love, hence this fanmix. I'm starting to see a real pattern in my choice of songs (I always use the same singers/bands *sigh*).
The mix was also made to add some media content to my fanlisting dedicated to the two of them. Please comment if you take and you like the mix ^^
There are some very vague Eclipse spoilers, in case you haven't read it, but it's nothing terrible.

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A few wallpapers done some time ago, and that I finally found the time to post here =D
Enjoy, take and comment if you like and don't claim as your own!

First is a Jasper/Alice wallpaper that I made, shamelessly using my layout for the Jasper/Alice fanlisting (and that was a shameless plug, too XD).

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Then we have an Edward/Bella/Jacob wallpaper, because I love those three's dynamics when they're together. I used Emily Browning as Bella as there was no talk of Kristen Stewart when I made this.

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And finally the lovely and lovable Jacob Black though I don't like this wall as much as the other two!

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'kay, so following yesterday's post, as people don't seem to mind and are actually interested in me posting fanmixes here, here's my last creation. A post with all my other fanmixes done so far for various RPGs will be up as soon as possible (meaning, whenever my bandwidth lets me, as I have a very limited one).
In the meantime, please enjoy this one :)

A Twilight/New Moon fanmix - Jacob/Bella centric

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