May. 10th, 2007

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Seeing as we have recently reached and passed 30 members, I thought I'd throw a little celebration to thank all the lovely people interested in what I do *\o/*

That's how it works, it's very simple.

* The first 15 friends of the community to comment to this post will get 2 icons.
* I will make the icons based on the interests they have listed in their userinfo, so if you comment, make sure you have your interests defined.
* If you want to ask for a particular subject, say so when you comment to this post, but I can't guarantee I'll make what you asked for. I want to be comfortable with what I icon.

Regarding the requests post I made sometime in December and never got around to actually complete *feels stupid*, I'm sorry to say I'm going to erase it. There's just no point in making icons when the people who asked are probably hoping for something very different now. So, feel free to ask in this new post, if you want something. I apologize for not making this known earlier :)

Ask away! I'll close the post when I have my 15 requests!
Only 5 remaining requests!

CLOSED! I have the 15 requests ^_^


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